Anything that is about The Columbian History of Television has to be removed. All source has to be from the textbook Gender Race and Class, which in included in this email. Here are the requirements for the assignment, the paper that needs to be changed, and the textbook.


Select one media clip and critically analyze the media representation of race, class, and gender. Cite chapters from Part II. This clip can be a sample episode from any TV show, movie, news report, documentary, etc. Since this is relatively a short essay, please make sure you cover one or two aspects of representation, and focus on providing an in-depth analysis. 


1) Do not have a cover page (and include page number in there)


2) Do not change the font


3) Please do select one media clip (TV shows, Movie, News Report, Documentary or Commercials)


4) Offer an insightful analysis focusing on race, class or gender


5) Cite Textbook readings (no outside source needed)


6) Include Reference pages (APA FORMAT)

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