Select and investigate a hot topic under discussion for new legislation in your state that is relevant to family law

For your Final Project, you will select and investigate a hot topic under discussion for new legislation in your state that is relevant to family law. Through your research and critical analysis of the topic, you will take a stance and argue for or against the proposed legislation.Here are the Project expectations:

Your Final Project paper should consist of four parts: title page, abstract, body of paper, and references. Please review the sample APA-formatted paper for additional guidance.

The title page should be formatted in APA format, including the page header, running head, title, name, and affiliation.

The paper should be double-spaced, with all references appropriately cited in APA format.

Headings should identify the topics and subtopics throughout your Final Project paper.

The abstract should be a short and articulable summary of your key points and research.

The word count should be at least 2500 words, within the body of the Final Project paper itself, excluding the title page, abstract, and reference page.

There should be an APA-formatted reference page, denoting all references used in your annotated bibliography from Midterm and any additional references, with a minimum of ten references total. Six of the ten references must come from the Library. Please review the sample APA reference list for additional guidance. Note: The annotated bibliography is not to be submitted as part of your Final Project, as this will be a component of your Midterm Project.

Remember to check for grammar, punctuation, and citation errors before submitting your Final Project paper.

All cases and other legal materials should be cited using Bluebook citation format

Citations should include in-text citations as well. You may wish to review Citing Legal Materials in APA Style for a refresher on APA citation.


You want to remember to be creative, and support your opinions with evidence from the law and other scholarly materials.

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