The City of Providence, RI has been selected to host the 2017 Creative Culinary Summit (“Summit”) on July 9th and 10th. The theme for the Summit is “Creative Culinary Collaboration” and will bring approximately 200 people to Providence, RI. This two-day conference targets creative culinary entrepreneurs, food bloggers, for profit and non-profit cultural workers, and community leaders. Topics address practical approaches to creative business within the hospitality service industry and how-to’s for working collectively with industry partners.


The planning committee for the Summit is looking for creative event professionals to design unique tablescapes for the 20-25 tables that will be utilized during the awards dinner provided to Summit attendees.


Each tablescape proposal should include the following at minimum;

  • Linens
  • Linen Napkins – include bread basket(s)
    • Recommendation for napkin fold
    • Recommendation for evening pamphlet placement
    • Need linens total cost, need extra pieces and include bread basket use.
    • Research the linens rental company and if have price will be good.
  • Centerpieces – at least two (2) options
    • Approximately 12” x 12”, not to exceed 14” around or 12” high
  • Charger Plate
  • Creative recommendation for sponsorship placement/advertisement
  • Table Layout


The budget for each tablescape should not exceed $185.00.

**All Inclusive**


  • Narrative: Write a brief description of each proposed tablescape element
  • Images: Of proposed options

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