he Scramble for Africa: Why Economics played a major role in European Involvement.

2) A typed, 10-12 page essay addressing the assignment above. The paper should include a bibliography (which does NOT count towards the page total).

3) The essay should be presented in a proper READABLE format (12 pt. font, double-spaced, with proper margins). All evidence should be cited appropriately in either MLA or APA. Either is acceptable, but should be consistent.

4) Primary Sources: The main evidence for your paper will be primary sources. Depending on the topic you select, this may be literary sources, newspaper accounts, government reports, or statistical information. The number of primary sources should be sufficient to prove the points you are arguing, and will thereby differ with the topic and each paper. The Topic Selection and the Prospectus/Bibliography will provide opportunities for us to assess your primary sources.

5) Secondary Sources: To help you analyze the primary sources, you should plan on drawing on a range of scholarly secondary sources—monographs, journal articles, etc.—that examine the context of the primary sources. As a minimum, you should plan on AT LEAST three.

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