This short essay is aimed at gaining an understanding of how schools are funded using property taxes and how this impacts the surrounding communities and consequently, race. After reviewing Chapter 6 (Education) and Chapter 14 (Social Development), please answer the following questions in a one page essay:

1) Explain why it is problematic for schools to be funded by local property taxes.

2) What are the consequences of this in terms of race? 

3) What are some possible solutions to the problem?


To earn full points on this assignment, you'll need to:

Respond using complete sentences.

Post a thoughtful, well written one page essay.

Have fewer than five (5) spelling and/or grammar mistakes.

Write an essay that is a minimum of a full page. (worth 20 points)

Note: Textbook: Mona Scott – THINK: Race and Ethnicity, 2012, Pearson Education

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