There are supposed to be 12 questions altogether but I only have 2 available right now.
—Please upload Questions 1 and 2 so I can access the next 2 questions and send them through to you .
—Please reference each question separately and put the references for each at end of each question instead of in a reference list at the end.
—Please upload each 2 questions as a draft until I have given you all 12.
—Please note each answer will be about 120-130 words but as long as the question is answered accurately you can stick to lower word count

These are the first 2 questions. Once you upload these, I will provide next 2 questions. Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: What makes a child one who misbehaves vs. one who has an emotional/behavioral disorder? Given the information in the class lesson, list some factors that distinguish normal children misbehaving with children who have a serious problem. (100 words). Cross-Cultural Communication: In at least 200 words and using your own words discuss cultural dimensions that need to be understood. Please upload answers to this as a draft so I can provide further questions.

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