RSSS Response Paper About Vampire

You have to read two articles


1.  “Gender Roles in the 19th Century” by Professor Kathryn Hughes


2. “Carmilla” which is attached bellow. Page numbers are located on the left-side margin. Read pp 53-77; 93-97 (Chapters 1-7 and 15-16) of J.S. LeFanu’s Carmilla




1. In Le Fanu’s “Carmilla” does the figure of the vampire enforce or disrupt Victorian ideas about gender and sexuality? Your paper should have at least 1 quote or paraphrase from the secondary article by Kathryn Hughes and at least 1 quote or paraphrase from “Carmilla.” 


Paper Guidelines


The minimum word-count for this assignment is 350-words; the maximum word-count is 600 words.


Ideally, you will structure your paper as follows.


A clear statement of your main idea or thesis on the subject.


Connections between the topic and the course material (readings and class discussions)


A brief summation and a final statement that represents the key take-away / idea from your paper.


You may deviate from this structure, but the majority of the paper should be given to drawing your own connections between the course materials.  You do not have a lot of space, so be sure to get straight to the point and not worry about making a lengthy introduction or conclusion.

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