righting reflex
Paper instructions:
You are to think about the experiment that you conducted involving the wiping reflex of the frog. The data that
you will use for this assignment can be found in an Excel file that is also posted on Blackboard.
1. State the HO and HA for this experiment. (2 points)
2. Create a table of the data that was collected. Show the average reflex time and standard deviation (SD) for
each acid concentration level. (2 points)
3. Create a graph based on the data that you summarized in the above table. Be sure to have errors bars (±1 SD),
a trend line, a figure caption, and properly label the figure (as shown below). (4 points)
Figure 1. In the figure caption you describe what information the figure is displaying. The figure caption
should be descriptive enough that it allows the reader to interpret the figure without having to refer to anything
4. Discuss the results of this experiment. (2 points)
5. Topic review (7 points)
Your TA will assign a reflex arc to you for this portion of the assignment. You will research this topic and
write about it. You will find at least 3 journal articles that are related to your topic and use them to write a
small review on your assigned reflex arc.
You will address the following:
In general describe the reflex arc (what function does it serve, what organ systems are involved).
Specifically describe the parts of your assigned reflex arch (sensory receptor, afferent pathway, integration
center, efferent pathway, and effector organ).
This mini review will be no more than 1 page in length and you will properly cite your sources in the text.
6. Literature cited section (3 points)
The sources that you used in your topic review will be incorporated into a literature cited section

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