Write an detailed outline of an rhetorical analysis essay of the following article: 


Waterman et al, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5635840/ 


The word count should not be longer than 600 words, but not too little (at least more than 250)






Your rhetorical analysis should argue about how well the text fulfills (or doesn’t fulfill) its purpose for a particular audience. The text might accomplish or fail to accomplish its purpose through how its words, structure, and ideas connect with the intended audience. The audience you will be writing to is an educated person who has never read the piece that you are analyzing.


Because this purpose is fairly open-ended, you’ll need to focus your analysis on certain kinds of persuasive strategies the author uses to achieve his or her purpose. To assist your readers in understanding your analysis, be sure to do the following:




include a clear thesis statement (that identifies 2-3 notable strategies the author uses to accomplish their purpose, as well as how successfully the text fulfills its purpose for a particular audience)




use forecasting statements to guide the readers.




explain the context (historical background, original audience and publication place and date) of the text and its connection to the essay.




analyze how the author’s specific writing choices help fulfill the author’s purpose.




use quotes or paraphrase portions of the essay, rather than vague references (e.g., “the example in the second paragraph”).

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