ype: Essay (any type)

Subject: Composition

Topic: Rhetorical analysis

Style: MLA

Number of pages: 2 pages/double spaced (550 words)

PowerPoint slides: 0

Additional: None

Number of source/references: 0

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Discussion Date: Tuesday, March 21st

Jigsaw Discussion & Written Response (24 points, medium)

“I, the Juror” by Joyce Carol Oates (handout)

Part 1èWritten Question Analysis (20 points)

Typed analysis (500-650 double-spaced words) submitted to www.turnitin.com before the start of class.


ü (2points)Introduceacentralidearelevanttoyouranalysis,connectingittotheworldoutsidethetextto establish the larger relevance to the reader’s life.

ü (2points)Claim(thesis)

o is well articulated Indicating a complete understanding of the prompt

o ties form/style to meaning, but should NOT merely list stylistic elements

o specifies rhetorical techniques, as appropriate, such as methods of development, figurative

language (tropes), diction, syntax (schemes), point of view, tone, imagery and style.


ü (5points)Effectivelyandfullyanalyzestherhetoricalchoices(elementssuchasfigurativelanguage(tropes),

diction, syntax (schemes), point of view, tone, imagery and st

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