After our class’s exploration of rhetoric in Shakespeare’s Othello, choose one or more of the logical fallacies we discuss and write an informal 300 – 500 word blog post about how that logical fallacy is depicted visually in Orson Welles’s 1952 version of Othello. Your blog post might also seek to answer one or more of the following: what messages does Welles’s version send about rhetoric? Is that message exactly like that of the original play or does it differ in any significant way? Does it surprise you to know that Welles produced and funded this movie himself, more than a decade after his box office landmark Citizen Kane? Why was this particular Shakespeare play so hard for Welles to convert into commodity? As with blog one, if you use information from other sources be sure to make it clear where that information comes from. Avoid plagiarism by quoting and paraphrasing effectively.

read the class package write a one page short essay,base on the topic above

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