CTE 1:

Pick one of the columns in Data Set 1 other than the Age or Pulse Rates to do a comparison between the Male and Female data.

Do a complete comparison using the methods learned in chapter 3 including boxplots (STATDISK is recommended for constructing the boxplots)

What does this reveal about the data?

Have you identified any outliers and considered their effects?

Describe your observations and explain what your findings could mean.

CTE 2:

Take the same column of data that you used in CTE 1 but now see if there is a correlation between that factor and the AGE of the person. Do this for both males and females. Include a scatterplot (STATDISK or Excel can be used).

Are the factors correlated? Did you expect that they would be? Explain why or why not. What did your scatterplots suggest? Explain.

Find the equation of the regression line of each (male and female).

Predict the value of the factor you chose to study for a 35-year female and a 35-year old male.

Describe any observations. Include a discussion about causation and lurking variables.

Explain in a paragraph the difference between the comparisons in this exercise to the study you did in CTE 1

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