discussion 1
Go to a popular jobs’ website (such as Monster.com) and find out what the responsibilities of an operations manager are. Share your findings with the other students.

module 2 discussion

NASA has a record of both successful projects and failed projects. Discuss when a project is, at any organization, considered successful and when is it considered a failure? What are the potential causes of a project’s failure? Give real-world business examples for your statements.

module 3 discussion
Go to the following website:BusinessBalls.com

Under “quality process improvement tools and techniques”, click on the link for “tools and techniques for process evaluation and improvement”. Review all of the tools and techniques. Select one tool or technique and discuss how you would use it to analyze and improve a manufacturing or service process in a real-world situation. Provide specific examples from your current or previous work environment.

module 4 discussion
One of the most important activities in supply chain design is selection of suppliers. Discuss what criteria (besides price) might be used to select the suppliers.
module 5
Visit the following sites:
National Institute of Standards Technology
International Organization for Standardization

For the first site (NIST), review the “History” and “FAQ” links under the “About Us” heading to get some background information and review frequently asked questions about the award. Then, under the “Publications” heading, review the Business/Nonprofit Criteria, Healthcare Criteria, and Education Criteria. Compare the three different types.

To get an overview of the ISO program and its long-range strategies, go to the IOS site. Enter the site and select the heading “About Us” where you can read about the International Organization or Standardization. Then go the “Standards” heading and review the ISO 9000 standards (Quality Management) and the ISO14000 standards (Environmental Management). Explore the relationship and compare the two different set of standards.

How do the goals of the NIST program and the ISO program compare?
module 6

Identify the types of layout performance criteria that might be most important in the following settings:

1. Airport
2. Bank
3. Classroom
4. Office of product designers
5. Law firm
6. Parking lot
7. Human Resource Department


How is designing the layout of a service facility different from designing the layout of a manufacturing facility? Explain.

module 7 discussion
Refer to the steps in Phase Four (Site Selection) athttp://www.wdgconsulting.com/Site_Location_decision_process.htm

Discuss in detail what WDC Consulting likely means by each of those steps.
module 8
Discussthe advantages and disadvantages possibly experienced by the American computer manufacturers, such as HP, in outsourcing manufacturing and assembly to countries in Asia. Your discussion should address the following aspects:

  • Cost
  • Focuson core activities
  • Risks
  • Employee morale
  • Product quality

module 9
Review the videos on Radio Frequency Identification Resource # 3 and the article about RFID at Wal-Mart Resource # 5. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of RFID by businesses. Your discussion should address the following aspects:

  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Ease of use
  • Consumer privacy
  • Short-term effects and long-term effects
module 10
Read the article that presents another philosophy called Six Sigma:Competition or Complement: Six Sigma from Material Handling Management, also available in the resources. Are TOC and Six Sigma really different? If so, discuss the differences. Which of the two philosophies do you prefer for your company? Why?

module 11

Reviewthe descriptions of the Nine Knowledge Areas. Recall the definition of aproject from Module 2. Have you everworked on a project, either as a team member or the project manager? If so, how many of these nine knowledge areas did you actually apply? Discuss how the application of those knowledge areas helped you succeed in the project (if you were the project manager) or the tasks you did for the project (if you were a team member). Also, if you did not apply any of the 9 knowledge areas, explainwhy.

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