Title: (I have three options to make my title and I want my research proposal to be about middle schoolers or high schoolers and how does their parents income affect their academic success.. Something like that) I just don’t know how to word it.)

Example of my proposal titles:

1. The effects of parental involvement on children's’ academic success

2. the economic impact of a college degree on young adults

3.The impact of____ on elementary school performance on…

[Make sure this is not the hypothesis. Generally not a complete sentence]



Principal Investigator [Use the name “Farhea”..]




I.Introduction ll. Literature Review III. Method A.Participants ( who participated in the study) B.Instrumentation (how are we going to measure your variables) C.Procedures (what methods are you using) IV. Analysis V.Discussion VI References Cited



[This is a one to two paragraph summary of the whole proposal. Not an introduction!]


[This is the first 1-2 paragraphs and should establish why the topic is interesting and important. Define key terms.

What method (such as survey, content analysis, qualitative interviewing) will be used ]


II. Literature Review

[What are the most important sources on this topic?

Ex(These are the primary findings that are based on my topic….. Ex. they looked at these indicators but not these which will i provide..)

What are the main past findings, debates or theories on this topic and how do they relate to the research being proposed?

Purpose of the proposed study

Hypothesis or guiding research questions.]

III. Method


Who or what (such as in content analysis) is going to be studied? Ex. – Populations

How are they going to be selected?

How many?] how many elements?


[How will the variables be measured? ] Ex.-( what dimension am i looking at and how i create indicators? Ex- Im looking at the gpa or looking at sat or grades of students …


[How will the data collection be carried out? Ex- Interviewing, sampling… blah blah

Are there any ethical issues, and if so how are the to be addressed?] (Some possibilities are simple random sample, systematic sample, cluster sample, quota sample, chain referral (snowball sample), and judgement sample.) Justify this choice with a quote from Schutt and/or Patten.


IV. Analysis

[What kind of data analysis will be done? For example will there be tables and graphs? Will it be a qualitative analysis looking for patterns and themes? ]


[Limitations of this proposed research (Ex- MY SAMPLE IS 20 STUDENTS AND i can't generalize about the populations.. What are we able to do and what we are not able to do..

Implications of the potential results) why should this be funded and why should this research be done..


VI References Cited



Only 2 sources allowed. One scholar reviewed and one peer reviewed

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