Begin this portion of your Semester Project only after your Summary Paragraph, Thesis Statement and Research Question(s) from previous assignment submissions have been approved by your professor. 

Your first and second sources will be selected from the open web (located via search engines like Google).

Apply the CRAAP test to potential sources to determine validity. 

Using the “Write Submission” tab below to create a text box, please supply the following:

  1. State your professor-approved Thesis Statement.
  2. Title of First Source (title of webpage or web article).
  3. URL (web address) of First Source.
  4. Based upon CRAAP test criteria, explain why you believe this source to be reliable and trustworthy.
  5. In your own words, briefly describe how this source serves to answer your Research Questions and supports your Summary Paragraph and Thesis Statement.
  6. Find a direct quotation from this source and paste it in the text box below (this quotation should relate directly to your thesis statement and provide a good example of why you selected this source).
  7. For the in-text and bibliography (Reference Page) citations needed later, provide the following information to credit this selected quotation:
  8. Author(s) last name(s) (if available; if no author(s) listed, use up to the first three words of the article title).
  9. Date of publication/last update.
  10. Page numbers (if available; if not, note the number of the paragraph the quotation comes from).

REPEAT the above 10 steps for your SECOND open web source. REMEMBER: You are doing this twice, once for Source #1 and once for Source #2.

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