In 5000 words, please provide a critical and comparative analysis of qualitative and quantitative approaches to research investigation.
The assignment assesses the use of a wide range of relevant material, the ability to summarise this material effectively and the ability to construct and defend a coherent academic argument.

before somebody starts working on 5000 word essay I need to get smaller jobs done – research proposal, the research ethic comittee protocal, questionaire approved my by tutor.
I really do not mind what the research is on, I am a secondary school language teacher, tutor. It needs to be related to my field.
I would very much appreaciate if a writer could cooperate with me during the preparation time. It is really important to me.
So, my initial order will be for 8 pages (happy to more if it is more) and once everything is approved by my tutor I would put the order for 5000 words in.
It would be good if the same person worked on the project. Last time I had somebody else writing the prep work and somebody else writing the essay.

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