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Assignment 2 Portfolio and evaluative account (in 3 parts + a template)
weighs (60%)

A portfolio of resources and written account with a focus on core content.

Aims of assignment 2:
Assignment 2 is an opportunity for you to consolidate a number of the dimensions to the content of the subject, and to display what you have learned that will support you in your professional roles as teachers � be it teachers of academic English (or in other languages), teachers in content areas, or teachers in other sectors who see value in integrating language learning with content learning.

The focus for this assignment is two-fold:
– it is about the teaching and learning of spoken academic language (speaking / listening), and
– it is about the processes of designing courses for the teaching of academic English.

You are asked to produce a number of documents that are compiled into a portfolio report document. It is a report with several component parts.

As part of this task you are asked to do these 3 things:

1. Prepare a literature review of 1200 – 1500 words that:
– identifies and discusses some issues that could be considered in the development and design of the module. You should aim to make reference to 8 �10 source texts in the literature review.

REMEMBER this is NOT an annotated bibliography as in the 1st assignment. In a literature review you do not summarise the source texts one by one.
Instead you organize your sections and paragraphs around ideas and concepts, and you aim to bring together a number sources that each have something to say about that issue or concept.

Relevant source texts might include:
– contribution to understanding different contexts in which spoken academic English is used (eg, lectures, seminars, class or group discussions, short presentations, and so on).
– Discussions of the kinds of challenges these interactions might present for students
– advice or ways of supporting students in spoken language interactions in academic English.
Additionally you should aim to include some source texts that address the issue of course design (these may specifically relate to academic English of they may be more general with respect to the context). The issues here might relate to, eg:
Identifying students� needs; analyzing texts; setting goals and objectives; designing activities, reviewing students� work, etc.

2. Develop a draft outline of your planned module.
The scenario that you are asked to respond to it this:

Scenario: You have been asked by your Head Teacher / Principal / Director of Studies to design a new module to support students in improving their engagement with spoken academic English (speaking / listening). The module is a short course of 10 hrs /week for 3 weeks

Your outline needs to address these things (in note form). A template is provided for you to fill in with your notes.

a. A statement of the overall aims of the module.
b. Goals that are to be addressed in the module for each week.
c. More specific objectives for each lesson.
d. The kinds of interactions that students will engage with.
e. The content that will be integrated with language in the teaching and learning activities
f. Resources/ equipment you will use.
g. The language features in focus
h. An outline of the teaching and learning activities that will be part of each lesson), and whether tasks are individual, pair, whole class, small group.

3. A 250-300 word justification for why you designed the module in the way you did.

Don�t forget to consolidate all the 3 parts with a brief 1-paragraph introduction and a brief 1-paragraph conclusion at the end.

Criteria & Weight (60%)
� Discuss and critique key issues in the teaching English for academic purposes15%
� Analyse and describe approaches to the teaching of academic English in different contexts with reference to theory 30%
� Apply knowledge of theory and practices in teaching academic English to develop pedagogic resources for teaching academic English to specific groups of learners 40%
� Produce written accounts with coherent structure, clarity of expression, and integrated reference to key literature 15%

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