Report On Your Interview

This is a two part assignment, only 1 page is needed for this. who ever choose to do this assignment will have to complete the second part which is 3-4 page without reference page. 




In this unit, you interviewed two education professionals on inclusivity and diversity in educational settings. Report on what you learned from these interviews:




How did the interviewees describe the current state of diversity and inclusivity in their professional settings? 




What strategies do they use to create inclusive learning environments?


What strategies do they use to show they value and respect diversity in their settings?


What inclusivity and diversity issues of interest to you were discussed during the interviews?


How would you describe your experience conducting the interviews? Were there things that surprised you? Did you have any “aha” moments?




Your professional role, or the one that you are preparing for in your Capella program, may not involve classroom teaching. If that is the case, consider how general concepts of inclusion and diversity apply to those students or clients with whom you work. It will be helpful to review the Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment section of the Definitions [linked in Resources] for a broader perspective. It will also be helpful to review the KWL chart you completed in Unit 1, in which you reflected on how curriculum, instruction, assessment, and multiculturalism are involved in your own professional role.

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