Research the Buddhist religious Subculture in American Society. Your research sources should be properly CITED. Your paper should include a “Works Cited” page and you should use at least 4 research sources. Your paper should include the following: 1. Why did you choose this particular group? 2. How did this religious subculture come to be a part of American Society? 3. Identify specific historical and social forces that have shaped the group’s experience in the United States. 4. Identify relevant demographic information pertaining to population trends. Where do most of the members of this RELIGIOUS subculture live? 5.What percentage of the population are they? 6. What has the group contributed to our culturally pluralistic society? 7. What did you learn from this Paper? THIS PAPER REPRESENTS 30% OF YOUR TOTAL COURSE GRADE. PLEASE DO NOT CONCERN YOURSELF WITH THE LENGTH OF THE PAPER. TRY TO COVER THE ASSIGNMENT’S GUIDELINES IN A PRECISE AND COMPREHENSIVE MANNER.

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