Relief of asthma with chiropractic care


Use Patient A patient entered the C-HOP clinic with upper back and shoulder pain. Prior to th initial physical exam, He filled out a PGIQ form with asthma as a co-condition. He was adjusted 2 times a week using Full Spine technique protocal and analysis, with subluxation found at T5 and C2. After 6 weeks of care, he reported being able to exercise without the use of albuterol inhaler, nearly no chest tightness or shortness of breath, and no interuptions of sleep at night due to asthma symtpoms

Paper requirements:
Technical Requirements for Case Study Paper
Your paper and submission must contain and adhere to each of the following minimum
requirements. Failure to follow or include any one of these items will result in your
paper being deemed unacceptable and you will not pass the course.
1. Double-space all parts of manuscript including the reference section and use single
side of page only.
2. Begin each section or component on a new page
3. Number each page beginning with the title page in the upper or lower right hand corner
4. Submit two (2) paper copies and staple each in the upper left hand corner (no folders or
5. Manuscript must be typed (word processor/computer) and on white paper, 216 x 279
mm (8-1/2 x 11 in, with margins of at least 25 mm (1 in). FONT: Times New Roman –
Size 12.
6. You must provide a copy of the manuscript on a CD with the CD clearly labeled and
containing the title of the article and the author’s name. Do not submit on a floppy disc.
7. Electronic copies must be in Word for Windows, MS Works or rich text format (RTF)
8. Length of manuscript must be at least 5-10 typewritten pages, (1800-2500 words)
9. You must include at least 15 references from peer-reviewed literature. (See list of peer
reviewed chiropractic literature)
10. If you choose to complete your case study on a patient with neck pain, back pain or
headache you must include an additional 10 references (25 Total)
11. Longer papers are acceptable.
12. The sequence is as follows:
· Title page
· Abstract and Key Words,
· Text
· Acknowledgements
· References
· Tables
· Figures & legends
· Cover letter
13. Illustrations and prints (except x-rays) should be no larger than 203 x 254 mm (8 x 10
14. Include permission to reproduce previously published material or to use illustrations
that may identify human subjects.

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15. You must include a Cover letter (see below)
16. Your paper must be based on an actual patient from the outpatient clinics. The same
patient case may not be used more than once or by more than one student. If it is
discovered that you have done this your paper will not be accepted and you will fail your
17. You may not fabricate or plagiarize any part of the case study. Instances of any
fabrication or plagiarism will be pursued according to Life University disciplinary
18. You may not have another person write your paper. Indications that this has occurred
will be pursued and addressed according to Life University disciplinary procedures.
19. If you choose to complete your case study on a patient with neck pain, back pain or
headache in addition to the above you must follow the format for these types of papers.
(See Attached or on BlackBoard)
1. Title of the article
2. Name of the author with highest academic degree
3. Institutional affiliation as follows: Student Clinician, Life University College of
Chiropractic. Also include clinic where care took place i.e. Main Clinic, Outreach Clinic
4. Author’s name, address, e-mail, phone number and Advisor’s Name.
1. This must be a structured abstract of 150-250 words.
2. The structured abstract must consist of the following headings:
-Clinical Features
-Intervention and Outcomes
3. Following the abstract you must provide, and identify as such 3 – 10 key words
Your paper must include the following headings or categories at a minimum:
1. Abstract (As Above)
2. Introduction
3. Case Report
4. Discussion
5. Conclusion
6. References
You may include other headings/subheadings as needed to construct and relay your case.
As discussed in class, when writing the intervention and outcome in the Case Report
section you must review in DETAIL your interventions (technique related, ancillary
procedures etc) and the outcome of the case. This is part of the technical requirements for
the paper so if you do not describe in detail your interventions and outcomes you will not
pass the course. If you have any questions regarding how to report your
interventions and outcomes that you do not feel were answered during the lectures
make sure you ask me about it.

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