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Subject: Philosophy

Topic: the relationship between Kantian aesthetics and Bourdieu’s sociology of taste

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The second assignment of the course is one of the last assignments that students complete before writing their Bachelor’s thesis and receiving their diplomas.

Moreover, the course Introduction to Aesthetics is one of the final courses students take before graduation.

Since one of the central learning objectives of the course is to emphasize how some forms of aesthetics converge with some forms of sociology of the arts, the purpose of the second assignment is to let students reflect on the curriculum of Arts and Culture Studies through the lens of aesthetics/the philosophy of art.

What are connections with theories, concepts, researche(r)s, and theorists that have been discussed during previous courses?

What adds a philosophical view on arts and culture studies to student’s understanding of the field?

What is missing within aesthetics when looking at art and the art worlds with a sociological / cultural-economical perspective?

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