1. Relationship between Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Crime

2. Relationship between Mental Health and Crime

3. Paracide (Killing of Parents)



The relationship between crime and race.

Independent variables:

a. Race of participant

b. The neighborhood of a participant

c. The education level

d. Age

Dependent variables: Time spent in jail and number of convictions, or the type of crime committed.





Identifying your research problem is the first step in the process. Post three different problems that could form the basis of an applied research study (not a traditional research study) in criminal justice.

Traditional research is designed to expand knowledge, while applied research is intended to document a problem for the purpose of identifying solutions. Applied research is conducted in a real-world criminal justice setting (e.g., a local law enforcement agency, court, prison, community center, jail, or probation office, etc.) as a result of a problem that is currently occurring in the site and which needs research and resolution.  


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