Regionalism Research Paper


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We are exploring Europe’s role in the rise of regionalism as a new institutional form. You explore this theme in the context of a typical political science research paper. Specifically, you will provide an answer to the following question:


Why have some groups of countries (outside of Europe) pursued regionalism to a greater extent than others?

  • First, provide a theoretical argument of why some factor (the independent variable) causes countries to pursue the institutional form of regionalism (the dependent variable).


  • Next, test this argument by examining two groups of states (cases) with differing levels of regionalism. In this section you should compare the level of your independent variable in a group of states that exhibits a high amount of regionalism and a group that experiences a low amount of regionalism.


  • You will interpret what this evidence means for your hypothesized relationship. Is there support for the theory? The paper should conform to previous standards and employ the following structure:



Framing of Paper:


  • Introduction
    • Standard research paper introduction.


  • Briefly describe what regionalism is?
    • What kinds of state behavior are included in this institutional form?
    • Why your reader should care about this phenomenon?


  • Theory:
    • Present a cause and effect argument of what single factor (your independent variable) drives states to engage in regionalism.
    • While you may use Europe and the EU as a working example to explain the logic of your theory, you should not describe the cases from the next section.
      • This theoretical argument should stand by itself as an explanation of why states engage in regionalism generally, rather than historically in your specific cases.
  • Focus on the logic of the argument in this section.
    • What is the story or mechanism behind your explanation causing regionalism in the world?
  • Finally, you should explicitly state the main hypothesis of your paper.


  • Empirical test:
    • This section presents evidence to evaluate your theory.
      • You should identify two groups of states as cases.
        • One group should demonstrate the presence or a high level of your independent variable, the other its absence (or a low level).
          • Does the postulated causal relationship hold?
          • You must present evidence on both your independent variable and dependent variable (regionalism).
          • This evidence may be quantitative (numerical measurement of some phenomenon) or qualitative (detailed description of that phenomenon from a credible source), and should allow your reader to assess whether or not your hypothesis from the previous section is supported.


  • Conclusion:
    • Conforms to the standards of research papers.


  • Works Cited


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