Reaction statements should be at least 1000 words in length (single spaced, 10-12 pt. Times New Roman font) and should be in response to the assigned readings and video (I have attached the Assigned reading “Sensoy & DiAngelo Ch.10” in the additional material) Here is the link to the assigned video:

 The video name is: What Poor Child is this? Poverty and America's Children that includes at least two critical questions for discussion. When creating your Reaction statement, approximately 500+ words should be a summary of the 2 assigned resources and the other 500+ words should be your thoughtful, scholarly reaction to the readings/content. Your reaction may include but is not limited to areas of agreement/disagreement, affirmation (or you can offer a counter argument with outside academic resource support), or other influences/connections. Your reaction statements should represent critical reflective thought.

500 words summary of “Sensoy &
DiAngelo Ch.10” and the video “What Poor Child is this? Poverty and
America’s Children”


Your Reaction statements should look like this;

500 words of your thoughtful, scholarly reaction to “Sensoy
& DiAngelo Ch.10 “and the video “What Poor Child is this? Poverty and
America’s Children”

At the end of the page add at least two critical questions you
had from the readings

You may want to consider one or two of the following guiding questions when preparing your reaction statement:

  • What biases does the author have? Are these biases stated or implied?
  • From what theoretical perspective does the author work?
  • What biases did you bring to the reading?
  • How was your learning enhanced or hindered when you read from your own perspective formed by your collective life experiences and theoretical understandings?
  • How did this reading and analysis challenge, extend, and/or align with your notions of how the world works?
  • Are there silent/missing ideas, concepts, or themes in this reading? How do you account for these gaps?
  • What new questions have you raised as a result of your reading and analysis? 

Please make sure the language usage is scholarly and thoughtful.

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