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Individual Reflective Essay





Write a Reflective Learning Essay on three learning experiences in your Organisational Behaviour team whilst carrying out your team assessment. Apply theory from the module to analyse your behaviour and show what you will do differently in future similar situations.


In the course of your reflection apply theory from the topic of Learning to each experience, and additionally theory from at least one topic area to each experience from the following list:


Groups and Teams


Organisational Culture

Organisational Power

Organisational Politics

Organisational Conflict

Organisational Ethics

Organisational Leadership


Organisational Change

National Cultures



  • Include a full Reference List
  • Length: 3000 words (+/- 10%)
  • Include the Learning Logs/SOAP forms for your three learning experiences as appendices.


Assessment Criteria



Focus on own experience, reflection, resolutions for future behaviour



Analysis of own behaviour using appropriate theory, understanding of theory, critique of theory


Presentation: structure, writing style, referencing


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