If you spent at least 4 weeks in another country/culture. 




About your experience abroad. Reflect and write about your stay abroad and discuss


interesting intercultural issues you experienced, e.g., what cultural/ethnic groups interacted, how


groups/individuals differed in communication styles, values, behaviors etc., what intercultural


problems occurred, how you perceived them initially and whether or how you resolved them or


saw them differently later. Perhaps address, how common stereotypes about cultural groups were


refuted or supported in the course of your stay abroad. Write about anything else you found


interesting (e.g., with respect to verbal and nonverbal behavior, attitudes and values, changes in


your identity and perception of self, issues of adaptation and culture shock or reverse culture shock if applicable).




The journal should be submitted as a Word Document, double spaced, in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1-inch margins, and be at least 600 pages long.

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