Reflect on their employability competencies and career management skills and plan for their future development;

Identify and assess the role, characteristics and motivations of high technology entrepreneurs.
Research, assess and defend an intellectual property, commercialization or a business plan for a new technology-based venture?
Evaluate key strategies for successful new venture creation

How to submit your assessment (written assignments)

•    Your work must be typed and printed using 1.5 line spacing and Arial font size 12
•    All footers must contain your student ID number and page numbering
•    The cover page of the submission must clearly state how many words you have used
•    Your work must be in the correct page order and contain all the required information

•    Your work must be submitted ONLY via TurnItIn within the CUOnline Module Page
•    Submit your assignment on time and save your digital receipt.
•    Please ensure that you retain a duplicate copy of all work you submit for assessment.

You can access the Turnitin link through the module web and further details will be provided in class.


Task One–Strategy

Produce a 2,000 word individual commercialisation strategy exploring the potential of a hi-tech business idea. You are only allowed to go above or below this word count by 10% otherwise marks may be deducted.  Marks will be awarded as follows:

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