The PPT will be based upon your project paper it is in attachments HE5220 Final Project
Intervention Program supported by theoretical framework
Chapter 11: Choosing a theory will serve as a basis for this project. Theory can be used to help explain health behavior and serve as foundation to our development of intervention programs. Main components required in the project:
• Identify the health issue or problem and the population affected.
• Gather information about the issue and population.
• Identify possible reasons or causes for the problem.
• Identify the level of interaction (intrapersonal, interpersonal or community) under which the reasons or causes most logically fit.
• Identify the theory or theories that best match the level and the reasons or causes. (explain the behavior).
• Develop a intervention to address your identified health issue.
The project will consist of a written paper and a PowerPoint presentation.
• Paper Format – Please follow these guidelines for organizing your paper:
o The length should be typed on no more than 8-10 double-spaced pages (excluding cover page and references) with 1” margins all the way around and using either “Arial” or “Times New Roman” 12-point font. The number of sections and the number of pages allocated to each section are at the discretion of the student.
o Cover page: Paper title, student name, course number, date, running head, and the following statement “I have neither given nor received assistance on this assignment” with your signature below it (on the paper copy you turn in to me).
o Your paper does not need to have an abstract
o Please use several subheads to break up the paper into logical sections.
o You might want to spend 1-2 pages describing the theory(ies) you selected (purpose of the model in your own words, the components of the model and its strengths and weaknesses), however the bulk of the paper should be how theory is applied to a specific health behavior or behaviors.
o At the conclusion of your paper, describe solutions to the problem you are addressing – do not be afraid to take a stand about an issue. Set realistic expectations for the intervention program.
o As with all writing, please use clear topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph to guide the reader. For cited references, the paper must adhere to the guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association Style Manual, 6th Edition.

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