Please help me write 10 page Marketing Plan Paper Rebranding Reebok “Putting the bounce back in your step.  First 4 pages due 23 July 2019. Complete paper due  6 Aug 2019. 


The Marketing Paper is intended to help you develop and apply skills and information literacy as well as obtain a more in-depth understanding of specific marketing concepts.


Choose one of the topics below or one that aligns with your personal and/or professional interests. Deliverables as follows:


  Draft of the first 4 pages (excluding executive summary) due no later than class session #5, Ungraded – feedback only


 completed paper (10 page minimum) due class session #7.  


As you consider the topic for your paper, keep in mind that the marketing topics apply in the both the for-profit and non-profit context…so be creative.




Pick A Topic:


1. Take an existing company that has been around for a while and develop a strategy to reinvigorate and refresh it utilizing the concept in the book. A “brand refresh”.




One source must be: Kerin, R. A., and Hartley (2016). Marketing. (13th ed.) New York:  McGraw-Hill/Irwin.  ISBN-13: 9781259573545 




General Guidelines for Written Assignments:  


• double-space,


• reasonable margins and fonts,


• Your name should appear only on the title page of your paper, not on any text pages. 


• Your student ID number, your cluster ID, and your course should appear as the running head in the paper. (e.g. 12345678-IR.BSB.SO4WI-BUAD 340)


• APA format (or other widely recognized style) for references and in-text citations.

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