1 source that must be used is from the book:
Social Problems 13th edition by Eitzen,Zinn,Smith

ASA format(for in text citation you must include the author,year:page number

All other 5 sources MUST be from a Sociology Journal only peer reviewed journal articles!

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Sociology 201

A reaction paper provides you, the student, with an opportunity to integrate material read and/or discussed in class with your own personal reflections, reactions and sociologically informed opinions. It is an extended essay, requiring some formal research and a comfortable familiarity with assigned readings. You are responsible for demonstrating that knowledge by using and appropriately citing all materials used in your paper. These materials include texts and readings and notes from class discussions as well as any outside sources.

Structurally, the reaction paper is 4-5 double-spaced pages. It should NOT be more than 5 double- spaced, 1 inch margin, Times New Roman 12 point font pages. That’s 1000 – 1250 words. In this day of word processors and spell checking, remember that spelling, punctuation and grammar count in the sense that I can not grade what I can not understand. Observe all appropriate ASA format citation procedures, including material from texts. You do not need to use more than five (5) outside sources other than the texts but you are required to use at least 5 scholarly sources from sociology journals besides the texts. You must cite every source used and provide a works cited list on a separate page at the end of your paper.

The paper begins with a statement of the particular social problems research area you select, framed appropriately. You are then going to review literature that informs and supports the topic you have taken particular care to frame sociologically. Avoid any use of information, vocabulary or sources that use models from psychology, philosophy, theology, or other discipline’s theories. Stick with sociology. You are graded on how well the paper reflects good sociological inquiry. You should frame a specific topic from any chapter in the textbook.

Once you frame your paper’s focus, the following paragraphs allow you to cover the salient points you wish to make about why this is a social problem, how sociology would address it from one or more perspectives, and what might be future research or social action to take in pursuing this problem further. You will provide detailed (and appropriately cited) background information selected as important to your discussion. I will be looking to see how much appropriate information from the course you use in your analysis of your topic along with the material from sociological sources you found. This means you need to use sociological concepts, theories and perspectives in your reaction paper. You close the paper with a summary conclusion.

Your paper grade will be calculated as follows:

Possible points = 200 Feature

50 Proper statement of topic, framed as appropriate sociological inquiry
50 Use of appropriate data from scholarly journals, text, and other sources
50 Analysis of information using sociological applications
50 Style, citations, works cited page (ASA), grammar and other mechanics

The reaction paper is due on the date stated in the syllabus handed out in class.

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