Please read carefully and answer the questions.




First read the file ” Five Stages of Negotiation” it will help you to answer this down below:






Question 1:




Use the 5 stages to respond to the scenario below.




Your parents have told you that you cannot have a car at school. They are concerned about your safety (you have already been in one car accident that was your fault), your grades (you have a C1 average), and your ability to keep up with the payments financially (you earn just enough at your part-time job to cover your expenses while at school). How do you prepare to negotiate with your parents? Questions 1. What was your strategy going into the negotiation?  2. What ideas did you get from other group members about how you could improve your negotiating skill? 3. What was difficult about negotiating (other than having to role-play!)? 4. What did you learn about yourself as a negotiator (your strengths and weaknesses) from this exercise?










Question 2 YOU HAVE 2 LINKS: You need to watch them and there is a file named “Dysfunctional Behavior” it will help you if you need it and then read where it says READ WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IN order to answer this question.


Link 1 : 


Link 2: 






In this session,   we look at the different aspects that a team leader must consider when dealing with dysfunctional behavior.


 As you watch the movie, record examples of dysfunctional behaviors demonstrated in the film on the chart iCite the actor (describe his role or appearance if you don’t know the name) and the specific action or statement that is evidence of a particular dysfunctional behavior. Once you have completed the exercise state which one or two strategies would work best for you given your individual personality behavior, that could be used to counteract the dysfunctional behaviors listed.

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