Question #1-Strategic Thinking (Rubric Items:  1, 3 and 4) When involved in strategic management of the total enterprise, one must consider ways to assure proper implementation of the strategy, i.e., making it a real and viable part of strategic business unit (SBU). These activities include efforts to institutionalize or achieve, at the granular level, the ability to think and act strategically by every individual contributor and his or her leader from top to bottom of the organization and throughout all locations where the corporate holdings are found in the world, if needs be. What is given at this point is that the following have already taken place: 1. Strategic assessments both inside and outside of the SBU to derive outcomes called strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats; 2. The vision, mission and values have been decided upon and published throughout the SBU; 3. Generic and grand strategies have been formulated; and 4. Long-term objectives have been written in detail and translated to annual, functional and department level objectives and goals. What comes next on the road to full and complete unfettered institutionalization of strategy? Please describe that process called strategy implementation and application assessment. Discuss the challenges an organization and its leadership as well as individual contributors will face and how they will overcome them to assure that the strategic planning efforts will be fully accepted, endorsed and embraced by the membership of the SBU. Use scholarly, academic literature to support your response. 

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