Assessment2 – Individual Coursework Assignment (2,500 words) (60% of the unit assessment)

Personal Career Report
This is an individual report which will investigate ONE specific area of public relations to explore its career potential based on academic theory and primary data collection.
Identify ONE public relations sector that you may wish to enter as a practitioner.
Review the academic debate regarding this sector. Identify and summarise the key issues which theory suggests this sector or area of public relations faces.
Your report should cover the following areas:
i.    Literature review (approx. 1000 words)
•    Identify key academic theorists in the chosen area and the debate/arguments – this could be summarised in table format.
•    Critically analyse the academic theory in the form of a short academic essay/mini literature review. Use academic referencing.

ii.    Practitioner Input – primary data collection (approx. 1000 words)
•    Gather primary data from public relations practitioners on the key issues raised by the literature debates to gain key informant perspectives.
•    Guidelines: for qualitative research – minimum of 2 practitioner one-to-one in-depth interviews or one focus group of 5-6 participants or equivalent; for quantitative research – minimum of 10 completed short surveysor equivalent.
•    Investigate practitioners’ views and advice on a career path within the selected public relations sector.
•    Analyse research data with an appropriate analysis technique and report your findings.
•    Include a section explaining research methodology and analysis used with rationales.

iii.    Personal Career Plan (approx. 500 words)
•    Develop a realistic and practical career plan for you to enter this public relations sector based on the literature review and the research findings.
•    Identify key skills required for your chosen career and any skills gaps which you may have, and consider how you might address them.
•    Reflect on how your dissertation might play a role within this plan.
•    The plan could be presented in a table format and should include milestones, action points and a realistic timeline within your career plan.

Each individual should prepare a written report of 2,500 words. The report should be written in report format – i.e. in the objective third person and should use numbered sections.

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