In your substantive essay,
•         Explain the knowledge you would need, as a professional, to counsel struggling parents who have just learned that their child will be born with Down syndrome.
•         Recommend options to soon-to-be parents to help them bring about a healthy pregnancy and after-birth environment for the child.
•         Share two resources that would be helpful to the parents as they seek to learn more about their situation.

 I acknowledge that I have received my essay question, written down (or copy and pasted) this prompt  onto a Word document, and that I understand that this is to be completed and  submitted in the Waypoint system through the Week 1 Review Part 2: Essay Question activity. I acknowledge that.In addition, I understand Part 2 Essay Question portion of the Weekly Review will not be available to retake, unless requested by my instructor. See additional essay requirements in the Week 1 Review Part 2: Essay Question activity.

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