The US defense community addressed climate change by using the  National Research Council to study any evidence that could connect  climate change, and U.S defense. “The study panel would focus on several  broad questions, such as: What are the major social and political  factors affecting the relationship between climate change and outcomes  relevant to U.S. national security? What is the basis for this knowledge  and how strong is it? What research and measurement strategies would  strengthen the basis for this knowledge?” (National Research Council.  2013). I honestly think that with the whole climate change issue, it is  putting our troops in danger, and it is creating unstable areas where  the troops are.

      I don’t think that the military would be fully capable in  leading the US if they were to reduce the use of fossil fuels. It would b  a huge challenge, because the US depends on oil for transportation, and  other necessary things. “Oil derived products are used in transport  (tactical and non-tactical), 500 domestic installations, and battlefield  generators to supply electricity for powering communications equipment,  heat and air units, charging batteries, and preparing meals (Assistant Secretary of Energy, 2006 (Links to an external site.)).  Out of all the branches the Air Force is the primary branch that uses  petroleum the most. I think that using less fossil fuel will be great  and impact the world in a positive manner, but is it really the best  idea for our military? We know there are solar panels they will be able  use for energy, but when we need to on a mission the quickest thing to  do is load up on fuel.


Assistant Secretary of Energy, 2006. Energy Efficiency and Renewable  Energy, Annual Report to Congress on Federal Government Energy  Management Programs, US Department of Energy, 26 September

Climate Change as a National Security Concern.” National Research Council. 2013. Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press


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