According to the US Energy Information Administration the department of defense  accounts  for most of the energy consumed by the federal government. The share of  federal government energy use attributed to DoD fell from 87% in FY  1975 to 78% in FY 2013—the lowest share on record. Most of the energy  use is for transportation, training of personnel, and operations of  weapons to be used by the military, which is one of the most powerful  military forces on the planet (George, 2015.) Our carbon footprint is  known to almost everyone that it is affecting the globe. If the military  is one of the biggest consumers of our resources, it is very important  that they are a self regulating force. With the instillation of the 2007  Energy Independence and Security Act, the US has mobilized from  stationed ground forces where military operations can jump into action  instead of transporting most supplies that has been done in the past.

The US  military has continuously made strides to reduce the use of fossil  fuels, and use other fuel sources to fuel military operations. Mabus,  2011 states that . In the 1850s we went from sail to coal, in the early  part of the 20th century we moved from coal to oil, and then in the  1950s we pioneered the use of nuclear fuel in our warships. This shows  us that the US military operations has been at the forefront of the way  energy consumption can be better utilized. I believe we will continue as  a nation to build innovative technology to ease the effects of climate  change. If we can be a standout, then hopefully other countries will  follow suit, or at least come to a compromise.


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