Promotion and Social Responsibility (Turbo Tax)

Q4. Explain how the firm could use event sponsorships as a part of its promotional efforts (Ch. 20) (Turbo Tax)


Q5. Discuss the Internet marketing possibilities for the product/service. (Ch. 21) (Turbo Tax)


Q6. Discuss the use of social media in the marketing of the product/service. (Ch. 21) (Turbo Tax)


Modern marketing calls for more than developing a good product, pricing it attractively, and making it accessible. Companies must also communicate with present and potential stakeholders and the general public. For most, therefore, the question is not whether to communicate but rather what to say, how and when to say it, to whom, and how often. But communications get harder as more and more companies clamor to grab an increasingly empowered consumer’s divided attention. Consumers themselves are taking a more active role in the communication process and deciding what communications they want to receive and how they want to communicate to others about the products and services they use. To effectively reach and influence target markets, holistic marketers are creatively employing multiple forms of communications.

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