Type: Individual Project Unit:  Project Schedule Management   Grading Type: Numeric Points Possible:  100  Points Earned:   Deliverable Length:  MS Project plan w/ at least 10 tasks & subtasks w/ durations in days or weeks & project milestones

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Assignment Details

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 Use your Unit 2 Discussion Board  responses to help you determine the tasks and subtasks of your project. This is basically drilling down on the work you did in

Unit 1. Think of every activity or task that needs to happen to complete the project work successfully. Once you have identified tasks as needed for your chosen (construction or IT) project, complete the following:

 • Using your Unit 1 MS Project file, add any additional tasks and subtasks that will help you complete the creation of all the work packages for all levels of the WBS.   o Be sure to change the file name to “Week 2.”

 • Place the tasks in the order in which they will be performed in the project.  

• Approximate the durations for the tasks, and add start and finish dates for all tasks.  

• Add project key milestones to your Project file.

 • Add “Predecessor” or “Successor” to the project tasks that you add to you Project file.  • Submit your file as a Project document, as a PDF, or in a format provided by your instructor. If you submit your file as a PDF, be sure to create the Gantt chart, network diagram, and milestone chart as separate PDF files.

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