This two-part assignment will be a section of your final course project. You will create a proposal outlining how you would approach potential donors and include an acknowledgment letter that could be sent to donors.

Part 1:

Use information from this week’s discussion board to create an approach proposal for a donor. In the text (Weinstein, 2013), pages 118-119, there are seven different ideas on how to develop an approach. Decide and discuss which approach you feel would be of the utmost importance and benefit to you in the fundraising process.

Part 2:

Donor acknowledgement is very important. There are a variety of examples of how to acknowledge a donor on pages 120-130 of the text (Weinstein, 2013). Select one or more types of acknowledgments that you believe would be appropriate for the type of donors or sponsorships your athletic department, team, or school is seeking, and create a generic template that can be easily modified for specific donors. It is important that we acknowledge all types of donors. A simple email, phone call, note in the mail will go a long way in making sure your donors continue to support the organization.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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