For your third and largest paper, you will revise and add to your previous analyses and evaluation, constructing a carefully researched argumentative essay in which you ultimately argue for a solution(s) to the political or social problem about which you’ve been writing. This is your chance to display how far you’ve progressed as an academic writer by making conscious choices about rhetorical strategies, development, evidence incorporation, and structure. To reach the minimum page requirements—which, as you can see, are substantial—you must go far beyond merely stating fact after fact. Instead, you must use those facts as part of a concerted effort to convince the audience that your argument is right.

Your essay should include three main sections:

1) A revised analysis of the problem’s causes and effects

2) A revised evaluation of solutions that have already been tried and proven ineffective

3) An argument in which you explain a solution or solutions to the problem and convince readers to agree with your approach.

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