What is important about your exposure? What is important about your disease? How are they both important to public health? Why would it be important to find the right cause of the disease? 


What has the literature said about the exposure-disease relationship? What are the gaps?


What literature gaps is your study acknowledging (how is it unique?)


What is your research question, population of interest, time frame, and location?


[METHODS] — .5 – .75 pages


What is your study design? How did you obtain your sample? Who is your sample? Time frame?


How and where did you ask your participants the study questions? (phone, in-person, email, text)


What measure(s) of association did you use? Why?


[RESULTS] — .5 – .75 pages


What is your sample size?


Any descriptive epidemiology you would share about your population? (Number and percent with the 4-different disease/exposure cells in the 2×2 table)


What were the results of your measures of association(s) calculations? (Including full sentence interpretation(s))




[DISCUSSION] — .75 – 1 pages


Did you expect the results you received? Why or why not?


How do your results compare to what is in the literature?


What are the strengths and limitations of your study design? Biases?


Did you encounter difficulties or limitations while conducting your study? How would this affect you results?


What would be the next step in terms of research? What are the next steps in terms of research studies and populations of interest? 


Conclusion statement based on results 


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