The primary aim of this course is mastery of “privatization” principles in the world of public and private sector justice – a trend quite evident in policing, judicial operations, security and homeland defense as well as correctional settings. Exactly how the public and private sector agency and entity partners carry out a common mission is covered. This course discusses methods to enable justice organizations in both the public and private sectors to develop and execute efficient and effective business partnerships. Detailed requirements and market potentials will be discussed which can help the private sector use its own resources to develop products and services at minimal cost. The course deals specifically with privatized operations at work and provides templates, knowledge of potential marketing tools and real-world examples of success. In the last phase of the course, the emphasis will target privatized policing system.
Expectations and Matrix for Term Papers:

the topics covered during the semester. With prior permission of the course instructor, students will select a current initiative (of their choosing) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to outsource to the private sector. The paper will include an overview of the process, as outlined in the course.

Please include two text books as the reference source, all video/link sources.

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