The SEC website is at   Go to the website and look around at  it.   Keep in mind the things you have learned about the primary  mission of a regulatory agency.   Then, go to the Enforcement tab, and  then select litigation releases.  

I want you to read through 1 or 2 of them, and then summarize the  story you read into 1 or 2 paragraphs.   List the primary players, where  they are from, what the SEC said they did, and any other relevant  facts.   Make a note of what the SEC is asking in the action they are  taking against the person.  

Then, look at the actual legal action filing the SEC has done.  See  if you can glean any other additional facts and add them into your  story.   

End your assignment by telling the class whether you think based on  what you have read the SEC action is fair or unfair and why.   Tell me  how you think the person being charged reached the point where they may  have done what the SEC says they did, and whether you think they would  say they are not guilty of anything.   Note if you think they started  out their scheme or plan intending to break the law or not.  

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