Assignment 8: Presentation Pizzazz


This assignment supports the following lesson objectives:

  • 5.5 Apply a range of techniques for creating different types of presentation aids
  • 5.6 Demonstrate how to incorporate presentation aids successfully into a speech

Assignment Overview This practice exercise explores the process of determining points within a speech that can benefit from the use of presentation aids during the delivery. It also provides practice determining the optimal type of presentation aid to incorporate into a presentation and practice creating a presentation aid. Completing this exercise will help you prepare to incorporate presentation aids successfully into your speeches.


  • A one-page document (12-point font, about 300 words) written in a word processor, such as MS Word
  • One original presentation aid that you create that can be represented in a document, spreadsheet, or other digital format

Assignment Details
In this activity, you will continue to prepare a speech by identifying points in your speech outline that will benefit most from the use of presentation aids during delivery. Based on the type of information given in the points you identify, you will select a suitable type of presentation aid to support the message. Based on these decisions, you will create one presentation aid that will support your speech delivery.

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Review the information presented in the lesson.
Focus on the information that explores types of presentation aids and ways to create them.

Step 2: Open the document you created for Assignment 7.1: Using an Outline Template.
In this assignment, you created an outline for a speech based on an outline template.

Type of Outline Description and Characteristics Use
Working Outline    
Formal Outline    
Delivery Outline    

Step 3: Read the outline.
Identify two points that would have more impact if they were accompanied by presentation aids during the delivery. Consider the specific goal that you wrote for the speech and how including presentation aids can increase the likelihood of achieving the specific goal.

Step 4: Develop the following parts

  • Title
  • General Purpose
  • Specific Purpose
  • Thesis

Step 5: Copy and paste the two points that you believe would improve your chances of achieving the specific goal of your speech if they were delivered with accompanying presentation aids.

Step 6: Below each point you selected, identify the function(s) that including a presentation aid will serve.
Examples of functions served by presentation aids include:

  • Gain Audience Attention and Interest
  • Enhance Clarity and Comprehension
  • Improve Efficiency

Step 7: Based on the type of information the points you selected contain and the function(s) the presentation aids would serve, determine the type(s) of presentation aids that would best support your points.
When identifying the type of presentation aid, keep in mind that you will be creating one of these presentation aids as the next step in the assignment. You must be able to submit the presentation aid electronically. Enter the information about the presentation aids for the two points into your word processing document. Include a brief explanation of how each type of presentation aid will support the corresponding point in the speech.

Step 8: Select one of the presentation aids that you identified and create it.
For example, you could:

  • Use a software application such as Microsoft Excel to create a chart or graph.
  • Create a few PowerPoint slides that you would use during a specific part of your presentation.
  • Take a digital photograph that illustrates a concept or point in your speech.
  • Record a portion of an interview as an mp3 file.

These are just a few ideas of how you could create a presentation aid for your speech. Whatever type of presentation aid you create, follow the guidelines presented in the lesson such as visual design principles to make the presentation aid as effective as possible.

Step 9: In your document, list the presentation aid you created.
Include a brief description of the presentation aid.

Step 10: Write a paragraph that describes how you would incorporate the presentation aid into your speech delivery.
At what point would you introduce the presentation aid? How would you use it to enhance your presentation? Are there any special considerations you should take into consideration when preparing to present your speech based on including the presentation aid?

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