Prepare a 10-15 slide presentation which contains the following:
>Various control mechanisms used in each team members’ organization.
>Describe the control mechanism and state the type that it is based on the information in the text.
>Effectiveness of these control mechanisms.
>Examines positive and negative reactions to the use of the controls in each student’s organization.
> Use the “notes” feature in Microsoft® PowerPoint® to document your speaking notes. This is very important since this is not a verbal presentation.
> If any information is paraphrased or quoted, you must provide cites on the slide or in the note section AND provide references in the final slide of the presentation. The rubric is located in the Course Materials Newsgroup.

? US Army
– Divisional Structure
? Marines (Food Structure)
– Divisional Structure
? T.J. Maxx
– Divisional Structure
? Fulton County
– Matrix Structure

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