Imagine that you have been chosen to present a workshop on Prejudice and Discrimination in Canada. Use the following ideas as an outline to write your presentation (600 words)

1) Introduction

2) Define the terms 

3) The cycle of prejudice and discrimination 

4) How can you help to STOP the cycle of prejudice and discrimination

Select a media clip that you will use in your presentation. Explain WHY did you choose the clip and how will you use the clip.

List and discuss three methods that you will use to involve the audience 

Explain how you are going to answers the following questions that you will receive from the  audience 

· What is wrong with asking people where are they from or what accent they have?

· What is wrong with racial humour?

· How come people can’t take a joke? 

· What is wrong with asking people what race they are? 

· What is wrong with asking people why did you come to Canada? 

· What is wrong by telling people to go home?

Write a conclusion that you will present that include a solution to the social problem of prejudice and discrimination. 


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