Memorandum to the President of United States. ( The Professor do not want any personal opinion) here is the important points you have to follow for this memo.
First read the ( American Strategy Choices)  and use the Cooperative Security theory.
Also I attached the paper that you done last week
and apply it for the reading Part 1: Short Summary 1st
o    Clearly state the problem (5 sentences max)

•    Why this problem matters to US vital interests (5 sentences max)
•    Propose a summarized solution or strategy (5 sentences max)
Part 2: Body of your Argument
o    Provide the details
o    Explain the contextual ground and current events
o    Describe which strategies will be used to convince public opinion
o    Justify your choice of strategies
o    In sum, be Michelangelo here— demonstrate your THEORETICAL EXPERTISE!!!
Part 3: Cost & Benefit Analysis
o    Means and ends should guide your cost and benefit analysis
o    Efficiency
o    Short-term or immediate benefits
Part 4: Closing Argument
o    Forecast the Long Term US Vital Interests & Benefits (Sorry, whether you like the US or not is irrelevant here, just state the benefits).
1- You will not be able to write an excellent memorandum if you don’t have a STRONG THEORETICAL FOUNDATION.
2- what is more important the National Security or human privacy?
3- how to response to the public opinion if you attack their privacy?

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