Policy Analysis

Assume you have been appointed as a school principal and are in the process of reviewing the district policy manual. Your task will be to compare one policy (e.g., dress code, personnel evaluation, discipline, student performance, homework, etc.) of your choice with a similar policy from another
district by describing the purpose of the policies and identifying the purpose of the policies and identifying similarities, differences, and the alignment to the district vision. In a narrative format, address each of the following questions. You may copy and paste these policies as appendixes to the assignment, but focus your attention to analyzing these policies in a narrative format. This assignment should be no more than 5-8 pages in length and include at least 3 references (in addition to the text for this course) from the professional literature to support your position.
Part 1- Interviews
After reviewing this assignment, develop a series of questions regarding the various sections of the assignment. Then you are to interview at least two principals or district personnel. You may try to get one from another district other than your own. You may gather the data for the Field Experience paper at the same time you are gathering this information. Be sure to use the APA personal communication citation method when referring to the interviews. 

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