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We do have a hypothesis– If someone is presented with factual evidence contradictory to their current belief about racial bias in police stops, their original opinion will only strengthen.

-This hypothesis is based in the Backfire Effect Theory, which states that when presented with information that goes against your opinion, suggesting you are wrong, you will hold even stronger in your original opinion because you don’t want to admit to being wrong or you feel defensive of your original opinion.

Our dependent variable that we will be measuring is “change in opinion”, I believe we will use a likert scale to see what individuals’ agreement with statements regarding racial bias in traffic stops is (1- strongly disagree, 5- strongly agree).

– I am unclear on if we need to further operationalize the variable of “change in opinion”. We will ask these opinion questions before the presentation of facts (embedded in other questions as to not influence demand characteristics) and after.

What i need to be done is a outline:
Complete an annotated outline for your introduction section, and an outline for your Method/Results & Discussion Section (that will be worth 30 points and it will be submitted in a separate assignment folder)

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