Plato’s Theory of Forms and Aristotle’s Theory of Happiness in the NE we are left with contradiction nonetheless, and Why is that? I’ve already completed the paper primarily but I didn’t pay attention to Aristotle’s theory of happiness and need to supply his theory in a paragraph or two… As well as the contradiction seen in the Nicomachean Ethics and Why in a paragraph or two. As well as a conclusion bring together the contradictions of each philosopher as it relates to my thesis I have 4 pages completed and I need 7 pages to complete the paper. When I say 7 the professor wants 7 full pages and a word or two or whatever on the 8th page. If the quote is longer the 4-5 sentences it has to be block quoted 10 font size. The book I am using is : Aristotle Introductory Readings by Irwin and Fine… And am allowed to cite from books I, II, III, VI, X… In book X I was going to use a quote in which he defines Happiness as being secondary to theoretical thought

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